Shipping Services

Our Shipping Services

WGLS offers a comprehensive suite of shipping solutions designed to meet your every need.


Whether you’re shipping across Canada, expanding your reach globally, or need your items there fast, our reliable and cost-effective services have you covered.

general shipping services


WGLS Is Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Canadian Shipping Needs!

WGLS Is Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Canadian Shipping Needs!

We provide:

  • Expert shipping within Canada
  • Competitive shipping rates tailored to your budget
  • A range of shipping services to suit any sized shipment
  • Reliable, on-time delivery


Get a fast, free shipping quote today and discover the cheapest way to ship with WGLS!

international shipping services


Expand Globally With WGLS International Shipping!

Simplify your global shipping. WGLS offers seamless international shipping solutions, including hassle-free shipping from Canada to the US. Discover competitive rates and reliable international delivery. Expand your reach with WGLS as your global shipping partner.

We provide:

  • Global shipping expertise
  • Streamlined international shipping processes
  • Simplified shipping from Canada to the US and beyond
  • Cost-effective worldwide shipping solutions
  • Reliable international delivery partners

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expedited shipping services


Urgent Shipments, Reliable Solutions: Get It There Fast with WGLS!

Need it there fast? WGLS offers express and expedited shipping options designed to meet your most urgent deadlines. Whether you have a last-minute customer order, a time-sensitive business requirement, or need to get a critical package delivered quickly, our expedited services provide the speed and reliability you can count on.

We provide:

  • Express shipping solutions
  • Expedited shipping services
  • Reliable, on-time delivery, even under pressure
  • Flexible options to suit your timeframe
  • Competitive rates for urgent shipments

Get a customized quote for time-sensitive deliveries and experience the difference WGLS makes!

specialized shipping services


From Furniture to Household Goods: Move Oversized Items with Ease

.WGLS handles even your most challenging shipments. Our expertise in specialized shipping ensures your furniture, large items, and household goods arrive safely, on time, and within budget. Whether you’re relocating or shipping valuable pieces, trust WGLS for stress-free specialized shipping solutions.

We provide:

  • Furniture shipping across Canada and within provinces
  • Expertise in handling large and delicate items
  • Simplified shipping from Canada to the US and beyond
  • Secure packing and crating services
  • Cost-effective household goods shipping solutions
  • Customized options for boxes, furniture, and more

Specialized shipping made simple – get your quote now!