About Us

A Word From Our President

Coming from a corporate background, I quickly learned how important customer service and resourcefulness are in the transportation industry. With years of experience and knowledge at my disposal, I was able to create WGLS and share my vision of exceeding customer expectations. Each shipment is unique and what’s really important in the end is how you ensure your customers’ needs are addressed and surpassed. Customer satisfaction and transparency are the keys to success.

Luis Chicas
President, WGLS

What We Do

WGLS is more than just a transportation company. We are a member of your team and an extension of your product. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have learned what value we can add at every single step of your shipment, from the pick-up to the final delivery. We specialize in value added services and ensure that your product is always being handled with the highest standards of our industry.

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